Dear Magro

Three and a half years ago I swiped right on a smile. Just that. An open and honest face with a cracking smile. For three and a half years I’ve taken the piss out of you for not including a single word in your dating profile but the truth is, unless you’d been wearing Trump’s MAGA cap in the photo, the smile would have been enough. I had a read on you early as a really, really quality human.

We loved each other early, both of us clumsily but confidently blurting it out in an almost comedic moment of mutual realisation. And from that moment on, it has been the easiest, safest, most natural thing in the world. You and I. Best friends and lovers. Just two highly uncoordinated, relatively nerdy individuals, making the rest of the way through life together the best way we know how; surrounded by the people we love and making each other laugh.

And then Alan.

The most unwelcome threesome guest to ever arrive on a doorstep.

I suspect that being in a close relationship with someone recently diagnosed with cancer is on par with having the cancer yourself. I know that sounds like a big call but I reckon I’m not far off with this. Hear me out…

You take responsibility for all of the information and dates and appointments and doctor details and shitty superannuation/insurance stuff.

You too, don’t really understand everything yet but everyone else is asking you for details because they want to give me space. You listen intently when the medical people are talking because you know I’ve been distracted by a shiny thing on the floor. And then we talk about it all afterwards so that I understand. And then you explain it to everyone else because I can’t seem to remember all of it.

You tolerate and choose to laugh at the levels of disgustingness that come with having the poo-carriage brand of cancer. Honestly, the flatulence is unforgivable. Even if I do have cancer. Do you even have any nasal hair left?

You too, are terrified.

You too, secretly grieve the future that we thought would exist for us. And you reimagine a future that is even more incredible because of what we are learning about life right now.

You witness my emotional breakdowns and cry with me; I love that you aren’t scared to do that in a cafe amongst friends or strangers. This stuff seems to grab us when we least expect it, doesn’t it? I love that you aren’t a tough guy. I love that you share the emotional load with me.

You moved away from your family and friends for me so I can be closer to mine. Given how much you need them right now, I want to acknowledge how hard this must be for you. And your people have become my people and I love them too. And thank them, especially you, Jess.

For all the ways you hold me in this entirely new space in which we find ourselves, I am in the rarest of positions. I have truly struck gold in you. I have loved hard before, but never with this much confidence. I have never been surer of anyone in my life.

Almost every single person I introduce you to remarks on what an incredible man you are. I know I joke about you being Saint Magro but you bring more than your fair share to this deal and I sometimes find it a little confronting. It’s hard to measure up, especially right now when my story is taking up so much space in this relationship. By the way, how are YOU?

Loving you and being loved by you is a privilege and the most joyful thing I’ve ever experienced.

Also…I still don’t know what to get you for Christmas? Perhaps another box of 100 vomit bags??

Love Gibbo

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0 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Person

  1. I love this and I love that you have someone so special in your life. It makes me so very happy that you have found a man who is good and true, you deserve nothing less and he is incredibly lucky to have you too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Amazing and because really at the end of the day the love is all that matters. Not the big house and the retirement plan and the fancy holidays, if you don’t have love then its meaningless. You both struck gold, so many people never achieve this bond with someone. And as always I love your honesty xxxx

  3. This brings me to tears. To know you are so truly loved and supported is awesome and that was before Alan decided to join in. Hugs to you and your fella. He sounds like one in a zillion. 🙂

  4. To love and be loved – that is all, we as humans, really need and you two have it in bucket loads. Makes my heart so happy that you found your person KG. And what a bloody good one! Keep enjoying every minute of each other – farts and all. ♥️

  5. Kristie, each one of your pieces of writing just moves me more and more!
    You are blessed in so many ways, not least of all but to love and be loved by such a special person….as is he to have you in his life.
    Have a special family Christmas surrounded and held by all those who love you!

  6. shirleysykes says:

    Beautiful words of eternal love always so blessed to be able to read your words of your truth and honesty such a beautiful time in your lives together and then Alan dropped by to join you both at a time of future plans together and moving into a new phase of your beautiful relationship well let me say as you do a prayer for your future so please Alan this is not a threesome pack up all of your belongings you have left all over the place in my body and move on so I can continue in all love and peace this amazing journey with my beloved partner in love and connection of our growing together forever God bless you both always in light and love sunshine 😍😍

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